Frequently asked Questions

Q: What is the Center for Paranormal, CPIA or Center for Paranormal Investigation Association?
A: We are a not for profit paranormal investigation and research group specializing in hauntings and similar events.

Q: What do you investigate?
A: We investigate situations where someone believes that they have a haunting, spirit, poltergeist, or other strange or unexplainable situation.

Q: What is a ghost, really?
A: Sadly, nobody really knows what ghosts are. Some believe they are the spirits of people returning to settle a problem in life, others believe they are images repeated due to ripples in time, and many other theories...People have experienced paranormal activity ranging from seeing deceased animals and people, to seeing houses, and trains that have long since been destroyed.

Q: What constitutes a possible haunting?
A: When someone experiences some event that they cannot explain with practical means, such as an object hovering in mid air, beds shaking, disembodied voices, etc.

Q: What do you charge for your services?
A: We do not require you to pay for any of our services. We do accept donations to help cover the cost of our cases, however this is absolutely up to you.

Q: How is your group funded?
A: All of our expenses are funded by members of the organization and donations from people who we have helped.

Q: Are you certified to do this sort of thing?
A: There is no accredited "Certification" for this type of research. There are some companies/individuals offer a type of training which teaches you about the paranormal, but this is by no means a degree or certification for "hunting ghosts". The best way to become a paranormal investigator is to join a group in your area.

Q: What about Doctorates in Parapsychology?
A: The field of Parapsychology is in fact a valid area in which to have a degree, however many people who have a P.H.D. in Psychology and Parapsychology, are not Paranormal investigators. Paranormal Investigations and Parapsychology complement each other, but are not necessarily the same.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in Orleans County, NY in the Village of Albion.

Q: Where will you do investigations?
A: We primarily cover the areas of Orleans, Monroe, Niagara, Wayne, Genesee, Erie, Livingston, and Wyoming counties. Though we can and have in the past, covered cases in other states.

Q: How long has your group been around?
A: Since Late 2001, though it has grown considerably since 2004.

Q: What about UFOs and other types of paranormal activity?
A: We do not normally do that type of case, though there are some great groups around the internet such as MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). They cover cases in the US and over seas.

Q: I think I may have a Ghost in my house... What do I do?
A: If you believe that your home may be haunted, you can call or e-mail us to schedule a case with us.
CPIA Case Manager - [email protected]
24 hour Message Center - (585)682-2155

Postal Mail:
Center for Paranormal
PO Box 353
Albion, NY 14411

Q: Your group is part of the TAPS family, what does that mean?
A: TAPS or "The Atlantic Paranormal Society" is a paranormal research group based in Rhode Island. Their group called "The TAPS family" is a collective of hundreds of paranormal groups throughout the world who work together to aide people in need of help with paranormal and supernatural situations. Our group covers the North-West section of New York State as a TAPS Family group.

Q: What else could I do besides an investigation to help with a haunting?
A: If you are a member of a church or other religious organization, you may ask for a house blessing, or other assistance. Many people are willing to help.

Q: Is your group associated with the people at
A: No, we are not associated with that group.

Q: What other groups are you associated with?
A: We are part of the American Association of Paranormal Research, TAPS Family of paranormal Investigation Groups, and the World Wide Paranormal Reporting Center (WWPRC)

Q: What religion is your group associated with?
A: Our group is not associated directly with any one religion, our members practice many different religions. but we do help everyone regardless of their own personal beliefs.

Q: Who do I contact for more information?
A: You can find our company directory [HERE] and someone will be happy to answer any questions you may have.