Public Case Files

Due to the fact that our group takes the confidentiality of all our clients seriously, there are only a few case files which we have released to the public. Most of these places are public and can be accessed with permission. We do not publish the casefiles of private residences without their concent.

All of the locations listed below were conducted with the written permission of the property owners. We do not in any way support the act of tresspassing on private property.


Casefile 1 - Rolling Hills [ East Bethany, New York ]

Casefile 2 - Clubhouse [ Kent, New York]

Casefile 3 - Iron Island Museum - [ Buffalo, NY ]

Casefile 4 - 30 Mile Point Lighthouse - [ Barker, NY ]

Casefile 5 - USS The Sullivans - [ Buffalo, NY ]

Casefile 6 - Lackawana Library - [ Lackawana, NY ]